International Consumer Electronics Show

Exhibit your products
ICES is an online exhibition of
Consumer Electronics products.
ICES is an exhibition platform for the industry, which gets rid of the limitation of space and time.

On ICES, exhibitors from all over the world are able to show their
products worldwide, and the buyers can easily find what they
need without traveling around.
0Products exhibited on ICES
1,000Exhibitors on ICES worldwide

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ICESdoes more than an exhibition.
It's also a platform for big data of
this industry.
It's never been so easier to exhibit your products globally.
  • 1. Get a booth
  • 2. Display products
  • 3. Receive inquiry
  • 4. Contact with customers
  • 5. You did it
Common question and answer
  • How can I be a member of ICES?
    If you are an supplier, sign up for exhibitor membership, fill up the company file, pass the company verification and get a booth.
    If you are a visitor or buyer, sign up for visitor/buyer membership, fill up your information, enter the exhibition.
  • How much work is it to start an exhibition?
    a. Fill up your company file, pass the verification by ICES.
    b. Prepare all the products information, description/photos/video(if applicable).
    c. Upload the products information to ICES platform.
    d. Finish arranging the booth.
  • How much does a booth cost on ICES?
    There are two types of booth for formal exhibitors' choice.
    a. Standard booth:$ 2999 one year.
    b. Premium booth:$ 4999 two years.
  • I have more questions. How do I get in touch?
    You can check FAQ for more questions and answers. In addition, ICES team is always available to help, welcome to contact us via phone call,fax and mail:
    Tel: +86 0577 86662251
    Fax: +86 0577 86662311
“Along with organizational structure reform,
innovation will be everywhere.”

—Alex Xiang
International Consumer Electronics Show
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