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Members engaged in information displaying and other activities, shall comply with the laws and regulation based on honesty、credit and fair competition. If the displayed information deceives or misleads other users with false and misleading contents, the member will be considered as Displaying False Information. Any user display information which involves below situations is Displaying False Information:
Product information We are committed to encourage exhibitors to display their products information as completely and accurately as possible. However, we do not guarantee that the product information and other service on the site is absolutely accurate、complete、reliable、up-to-date or correct. ICES does not support on-line trade. But if you find that the actual product are not the same as described on the site during your trade with the exhibitor off-line, the only way is to negotiate with the supplier and return the unused product. Meanwhile, we welcome you to inform us about the situation.
Disclaimer of liability ICES hereby declare that we do not make direct、indirect、legal or promissory guarantee to your use of any contents or service on the site or related to the site as well as any other sites or contents linked to our site.

ICES service, all the information、content、material、products (includes software) which provided by ICES in other forms and other service are provided based on "current situation" and "existing". Unless there is other explicit written instruction, we do not make express or implied statement or guarantee in any forms to below (Except that there are different regulations according to the laws of People's Republic of China): the operation of ICES, the information、content、material、products (includes software) or service provided by ICES. You confirm to agree to take any risks of using the ICES services.

By using our site, users are considered to agree to undertake all risks from browsing and using our website. ICES or Wenzhou Pulian Internet Technology Co., ltd. will not take responsibility for below situation: Due to that ICES or Wenzhou Pulian Internet Technology Co., ltd. didn't participate in the construction、production and development of the site or provide contents, some direct、indirect、related or economic loss are caused by the access of datas by users on the site.

We do not guarantee that there is no viruses or other harmful components in all the information、content、material、products (includes software) or service provided by ICES or other service in other forms or the mails sent from the server and the site. Unless there is other explicit written instruction, we do not take responsibility for any harms caused by below(Except that there are different regulations according to the laws of People's Republic of China): using the information、content、material、products (includes software) or service provided by ICES, or purchasing or using products. We are not responsible for (including but not limit to): related direct、indirect or incidental punitive and consequent damage compensation.

Application and domination of the law The ICES website (、;) is operated、managed and maintained by Wenzhou Pulian Internet Technology Co., ltd. Any legal disputes which involve ICES shall be solved and independently legal responsible by Wenzhou Pulian Internet Technology Co., ltd, and it also shall be the party to receive the related legal documents.
Any disputes related to the site and the statement on the site shall be governed by the people's court which has jurisdiction, and the law of People's Republic of China shall be applied. ICES reserves the right to update our website and the above terms in any time as needed. And Wenzhou Pulian Internet Technology Co., ltd. owns the right to interpret this declaration and the use of our site.
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