The Leading Online Sanitary industry Exhibition Worldwide
General Miracle-Sanitary Industry Expo helps various companies, manufacturers, product teams display their products globally. So far, there are over 1066 companies and teams active on GM Expo, exhibiting and sharing their products.
Who we are?
General Miracle-Sanitary Industry Expo is a virtual exhibition platform for enterprises to display their products rapidly and globally. There are more than 333332 people worldwide have been involved in GM Expo. Sometimes more than 10,000 people are online at the same time.

There are more than 59781 products displayed on GM Expo. Some booths like P&E and ZIMANI be viewed around 200 times per day; You can recognize companies by products, companies that all over the world, even though many of them you may never heard of. The marketing effect is much better than traditional exhibition.

Every exhibitor, product team, design team and development team are active in the GM Virtual Exhibition, focus on creating products and displaying them to the world. Globalization makes exhibiting products much easier, then the innovation becomes particularly important.

GM sanitary industry expo is an online global exhibition platform of the industry. It enables customers from various area and countries to notice, know and buy your products quickly. — David
What we do?
General Miracle Sanitary Industry Expo is built to help companies show their products to the whole world quickly, to share excellent products and ideas to people everywhere.

In the past, normally companies need to travel around the world to attend different exhibitions to promote their products. Conventional promotion ways like this just brought a small number of customers, among them only a few eventually negotiate a cooperation with the company, which is a limited success for both exhibitors and visitors. It's a waste of time and money.

Our team is trying to change the situation. We use the internet to break the limits of time and distance, promote excellent products and ideas to people all around the world.

Since our launch, up to date,
59781 products are exhibited on GM Expo,
1066 companies settled in GM Expo as our members,
and 4029474 visitors.
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Our team
We are a group which consists of young people. Curiosity, critical thinking and longing future are our common traits. Flat company structure, breaking the traditional grading management mode, our collaborative working style emphasizes teamwork, trust, and tolerance for diverging opinions. People tell us we are down-to-earth, approachable and fun.

We work hard, love the internet, our aim is to promote a product-oriented structure, to break the limits of time and distance, helping companies display their products with lower cost and higher efficiency.

Service, integrity, innovation are our values, we believe that with our GM Expo team's effort, a free, fair and liberal competition era is coming.

Our Logo
The Logo of General Miracle is a pattern that consists of triangles and be orderly combined.

It represents that GM Expo is connected to various resources and benefits, bring together the power of innovation to change the organizational structure in the future.

This is the best way to display new products, it connects various companies of the industry. You don't need mass production in advance, and don't need to travel around either, but your products are displayed everywhere. — Steve
Let us promote your
products worldwide
Each exhibitor on GM Expo has the opportunity to display their products to the world instantly. This not only requires that each exhibitor optimize their products continuously and comprehensively. Shoot real product photos, make detailed catalogs and record videos, so that the visitors can understand and be familiar with your products.

Look around, there are tens of thousands of people discovering excellent products at the moment.

Come and join us!

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The Leading Online Sanitary industry Exhibition Worldwide
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